Brave 102-year-old woman is Maine’s oldest lobster fisherman

When retiring, many people no longer want to work. They desire to live freely, enjoying life.

But, this is not the case of Virginia Oliver, a resident of Maine, United States.

Mrs. Oliver was born on Clarendon Street in 1920 and has lived there all her life.

The woman known as Ginny is Maine’s oldest lobster fisherman.

She started fishing when she was eight years old. She went fishing with her father and brother.

They earned their living by selling the lobsters they caught.

Throughout her life, she works on fishing boats called lobster boats which are intended for fishing and transporting live crustaceans.

Virginia has been doing her job on the lobster boats for 90 years. She adores the sea from her childhood and loves her job very much.

The elderly woman cannot imagine her life without a mother and without a boat.

When she got married, the couple built their home not far from her parents’ house.

The couple lived and worked together raising their four children.

Ginny loves seafood, especially when she makes her own lobster rolls, a kind of North American sandwich made with lobster.

The brave woman who continues to work tirelessly is proud of her career as a fisherwoman.

According to Virginia, every day, going to sea, she enjoys her life.

“I don’t know how much I have left to live, but I want to live doing my favorite job.

And I will do it as much as my health will allow me, ”explains the courageous 102-year-old woman.

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