the way Jacob Tremblay in “Wonder” has changed will not leave you indifferent

Do you remember the ugly Auggie from “Wonder”? Meet the 16-year-old actor

Meet the gifted, talented and successful movie star J. Tremblay who began to conquer the film industry at an early age starting his meteoric career in the popular television series “Mr. Young,” but is best remembered for his commendable role as Auggie in the “Wonder” movie star. His efforts and attempts were highly praised by a number of critics.

As surprising as it may seem, the young boy has already brilliantly acted in 42 films and the majority of his fans remember him from the films “Good Boys” and “Doctor Sleep”.

Now fans are following the boy on social media who has already grown up and matured enough. Many believe the teenage movie star has only gotten prettier over the years.


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