Is it gray hair or has she already gone bald? The appearance of the Amazon founder’s lover surprised everyone

Lauren’s beloved was harshly criticized for her appearance.

Shortly after globally acclaimed Amazon founder J. Bezos, 58, unexpectedly divorced his wife, whom he lived with for decades, a number of his fans were more than certain the man would an affair with a young star.

While the famous man began to meet with the secular lioness L. Sanchez, who at first was not “accepted” by Bezos fans, but then the audience clearly saw how happy they are together.

It cannot be denied that despite her age, Lauren looks quite attractive and has a stunning body as well as flawless skin. All this is the result of her regular sports, cosmetic procedures, as well as her genes.

Nevertheless, many do not miss the opportunity to strictly criticize the woman for clearly overwhelming with cosmetic procedures and that her body has become too muscular and undeveloped due to sports.

Meanwhile, Lauren seems completely satisfied with her current appearance. The recent image of a woman in a helmet, glasses, pants and a black jacket did not leave indifferent any of their fans.

Also, she unbuttoned her jacket to demonstrate her amazing body and look attractive.

Despite her attempts to always look fantastic, network users were amazed to see those bald spots on her head when she took her helmet off.

„If I’m not mistaken, she already has spots on her head“, „Tell me, is that gray hair or is it already bald?“ , “We hope there is nothing to worry about”.

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