What do American actor Tom Cruise’s children and ex-wives look like?

Tom Cruise is 57 years old. He won three Golden Globes during his film career. He rose to fame through his starring role in The Revenant film trilogy, which earned him over $200 million.

We can say that Tom Cruise was successful in all his roles. His role as a Crime Prevention Unit agent in “Dissent” has become a fan-favorite, despite the almost complete lack of significant special effects.

In 1987, Tom Cruise asked for the hand of budding starlet Mimi Rogers. She agreed, and the couple played their wedding. However, their union lasted only three years. Tom’s marriage to Mimi was cut short when he fell in love with Nicole Kidman, whom he starred with in Days of Thunder.

Nicole and Tom’s relationship developed so quickly that they got married a few months later, just before Christmas. Together they starred in Far Far Away and Eyes Wide Shut.

During their nearly 10-year marriage, they had two adopted children. Kidman discovered Tom’s affair with Penelope Cruz and filed for divorce.

After his divorce from Nicole, Tom Cruise began raising his adopted children on his own. It’s a blow to their mother. She was unable to participate in their upbringing, but has now started a new family.

In April 2006, Tom Cruise and actress Katie Holmes had a daughter, Suri. At the end of the year, the young parents had a lavish wedding in Italy. Below are photos of the wedding. Six years after the wedding, in 2012, Katie filed for divorce without explanation. The couple soon separated.

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