Instead of the wedding celebration, the bride and groom organized something amazing

The events of this story took place in Turkey. You will be surprised at the act of generosity of the newlyweds.

Instead of the wedding celebration, they organized something amazing.

Newlyweds Esra and Fetulla decided to feed a few thousand refugees from Syria.

The brave, caring couple thought it was better to help those in need than to celebrate their marriage with joy.

Usually, the wedding party is a special event where everything that happens revolves only around the bride and groom.

But our heroes decided to do the opposite, to be useful to needy people.

Instead of a banquet and other amusements, they organized something useful and enjoyable for hungry people.

The newlyweds fed nearly 4,000 Syrian refugees.

Fetulla and Esra donated all the money for their nuptials to the Kimse Yok Mu Charitable Foundation.

And also, dressed in their wedding attire, they distributed food from the canteen of the charity with their own hands.

According to the couple, they did not want to organize a splendid wedding feast, knowing that many refugees needed to be fed.

The future spouses wanted their married life to begin by making other people a little happier.

And certainly it was a very generous and very noble act.

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