Dog Double Pauses When He Sees Who’s Behind Him

While waiting outside her parents‘ wedding venue, Lucy could feel someone sneaking up behind her.

When she turned around, the big dog almost didn’t recognize the woman in the white dress. But as soon as Lucy realized who it was, she couldn’t help but jump up.

It’s like she stopped and had that „Oh my god, is that my mommy?“ moment. said Ashley Pfaff, Lucy’s mom.

As soon as Mrs. Pfaff and her husband, Chris Decker, started planning their wedding, they knew they wanted Lucy to be a part of this special day.

“We knew bringing Lucy to our wedding would be an extra layer of planning for our day, but when we discussed it, we decided she was there with us the whole time and deserved to be there” , said Pfaff. “We didn’t have kids at our wedding, so Lucy was sort of our flower girl!”.

Lucy took her job as a florist very seriously, and she was so happy to be part of the festivities. She even went out of her way to give the ceremony a special touch.

„What’s probably even more special than the first look is the fact that as soon as we started to say our vows to each other, Lucy, unprompted, stood up and placed herself right between us at the altar,” Ms. Pfaff said. “It was like she knew this was the most important part of the whole day and she was joining us all together for this!”.

Both Pfaff and Decker are doctors, and they can’t imagine their lives without Lucy, who brings them the joy and affection they need. As they worked on the front lines during the worst times of the pandemic, the couple found comfort in knowing they would always return home to find Lucy.

„Lucy was such a rock of unconditional love and joy every single day, even when you couldn’t see other family or friends,“ Mr Pfaff said. „She’s a huge part of how we’ve both gone through some of the toughest times as healthcare providers.“

Although including Lucy in their marriage required a little more administration, Pfaff wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

„The fact that she could be a part of that special day and that special moment in my dress is something I wouldn’t have changed for the world,“ Ms. Pfaff said. „He’s a once-in-a-lifetime dog.“

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