What does the ‚Just Maria‘ star look like today?

The adventures of Maria Lopez, a simple seamstress turned brilliant fashion designer, left an indelible impression on the public. The Just Maria series became a real treasure in Mexico in the early 90s, and Victoria Rufo is still an audience favourite.

A slender brunette beauty with beautiful curls, it was impossible to love her back then. And she had a dazzling smile.

Several years have passed, and you hardly hear about Victoria in the CIS countries. Yes, the actress still appears in TV series, but few of them rival Only Mary’s popularity.

Apart from her acting career, Ms. Ruffo is also devoted to her family. Her first marriage to comedian Eugenio De Beers was not successful, and they soon divorced due to her husband’s infidelity.

From this marriage, however, Victoria had a 40-year-old son, José Eduardo.

Soon after, the actress found herself alone and met Mexican politician Omar Fayez on the street. With him, Victoria found happiness again, and at the age of 42 she even gave birth to twins, Victoria and Arnoul.

Victoria uploaded photos of herself with her grown children and a relative.

The ‚Only Mary‘ star is now 60.

She looks very different from when she was young, but what hasn’t changed is her dazzling smile.

Rufus recovered, but without the deep lines in his face. Neither the make-up nor the genetics of the actress. But he’s certainly not afraid of aging.

Victoria hasn’t dyed her hair in months and walks around with gray hair.

The actress isn’t afraid of those moments or posting makeup-free photos on social media.

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