saggy-skinned girl manages to become a model (photo)

She fully assumes her idiosyncrasies.

Sarah Herz was unfortunately born with a very rare disease, which makes her unique.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is characterized by a lack of collagen production, which at first glance is not the worst diagnosis, but the appearance of the 31-year-old model will certainly surprise you.

At this age, the skin has lost much of its elasticity, it sags and ages.

These characteristics are rather common among grandmothers, which is probably why Sarah has attracted so much attention.

However, this young woman with the body of an old woman is determined to inspire people and is no longer ashamed of her body.

This woman has become a successful model, breaking stereotypes and helping many women whose appearance does not meet conventional beauty standards.

With each session, this model proves that it is possible to love yourself and be successful, even with this type of skin.

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