The woman was amazed when she saw who was leading the herd of cows

This curious case happened in New Zealand. A woman was very surprised when she saw her little dog come to her aid.

The Pomchi dog is a mix of the Pomeranian and Chihuahua breeds. It turned out that this little creature is very lively, brave and devoted.

One day a New Zealand woman saw that her neighbour’s herd of cows broke the fence and ran away from her place.

And the cows were coming right in the direction of his house.

The woman quickly came out screaming to stop the cows and return them to their pen.

But she couldn’t stop the stubborn herd that kept coming towards her house.

Suddenly, something amazing and spectacular happened.

The New Zealander saw her little Pomchi dog called Pooh running towards the escaped animals.

She revealed that on her way out of the house, she left the door open and the tiny pooch came out to come to her owner’s rescue.

When the woman saw her dog running behind the cows, she was afraid that he would be trampled.

She was screaming for the puppy to return, but to no avail.

Then the most surprising and unimaginable thing happened.

The brave little dog, weighing just over a kilo, managed to round up the cows and lead them back to their pens.

Baby Pooh has proven that to be brave, height and weight don’t matter.

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