Here are the top 7 legendary beauties of the past decade

Below are depicted the iconic and most attractive women of our time

To answer the frequently asked question, is this level of female beauty there has been lately, most people will surely answer “90-60-90”, as this stereotype of beauty has completely faded from popularity. It goes without saying that fashion trends are always changing and nothing stays absolutely the same. Below are represented the 10 legendary beauties of the previous decade, according to the majority of people.


According to millions, Jolie is the epitome of feminine beauty of our time. Her magnificent and impeccable body, unearthly beauty, charisma and femininity will not leave anyone indifferent.

J. Aniston

Although Aniston has little in common with the previously mentioned legendary beauty, millions find the exceptional actress very attractive and charming.


This iconic American movie star has been on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list multiple times eclipsing absolutely everyone with her gorgeous navy blue eyes and graceful smile.


We can say that the extraordinary and atypical appearance of Keira has always raised questions. Many consider her unrealistically beautiful and absolutely unique, while others cannot understand why she is popular and in demand.


Millions of people would agree that Beyonce possesses an exotic, unrealistic and atypical beauty. His loyal fans praise the artist’s charisma, talent and brightness.

L. Tyler

Although Liv’s figure doesn’t quite fit the „90-60-90“ stereotype, she is adored by millions around the world.

Mr. Fox

There is no doubt that the remarkable and desirable Fox actress has always been the dream girl for her male fans who find her perfect shape and the epitome of feminine attractiveness of our times.

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