This cute cat acts like he’s no different from his dog brethren

A Japanese woman was very fond of cats. When she was a young girl, she had a cat and adored her mimi.

When she got married, the couple adopted three terrific Shiba Inus dogs.

But the woman still wanted to have a kitten.

“I dreamed of having a cute kitten because I had a kitty when I was a little girl,” the Japanese girl told Bored Panda.

When she told her husband about her intention, at first he didn’t agree.

But the woman managed to convince him to adopt another cat.

The spouses decided to get a shorthair, which is a short-haired cat.

They wanted to buy a gray kitten that had short fur and erect ears like those of their dogs.

A cat of such breed could be similar to their dogs.

And they found a cat breeder in Kanagawa who had what they wanted.

He was an adorable, newly born kitten, an American shorthair, a gorgeous four-legged friend that they both loved.

They named him Kiki and who settled among the three Shiba Inus dogs.

The gang didn’t even realize that their new brother was a feline. The kitten grew up successfully among the three dogs.

And currently all three adore Kiki and this last behaves as if he is their brother and does not distinguish himself from them.

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