She finally decided to express her thoughts that she had been hiding for years

The heroine of our story is called Lizzie Velasquez. She is 33 years old and lives in Texas.

Because of her very rare condition, MPL Syndrome, Lizzie is very special.

This means that the girl cannot gain weight and her body is aging faster than usual.

During his mother’s pregnancy, the doctors explained to the parents that their child would be born with serious health problems and that he might not be able to walk or talk.

But when she was born, her parents didn’t want to leave her and they took her home.

Fortunately, Lizzie was able to walk and talk like normal children.

But her appearance, which differed greatly from the appearances of ordinary children, became a subject of harassment.

„My appearance made me a victim of bullying at school,“ Lizzie said.

Her peers made fun of her, no one wanted to play with her.

The girl grew up, but her weight did not exceed 30 kilograms.

In 2014, when Lizzie was 25, she was invited to a Ted Talk and in front of the public, she opened her heart.

She told everything about her life: her appearance, her weight, harassment from young and old from her childhood.

During Tedx Talk, the girl shared that when, at 16, she shared a video about her, there were several people who wrote sickening comments and even someone wrote that she better end his life by putting a gun to his head.

Lizzie said that despite everything, she was able to find strength in herself and thanks to her strong will, she managed to realize some dreams, such as going to university. And she said the main thing, that every person should know who he is and what he wants.

She realized that she must live by considering not her looks, but her plans. And despite all her grief, to make her life better.

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