The girl who had almost no muscles survived and married

When little Sheri Psaila was born, her parents learned that the girl had joint replacement.

It is a condition of muscles and joints due to which the limbs become deformed.

The doctors gave the newborn a shocking assessment. They said the baby could only live for a year.

And if even a miracle happened, she would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

But it turned out that the little one was not so fragile and could fight for her life.

Sheri grew up and started walking. She went to school and then to college and graduated.

At university, the girl met a young man who also had health problems.

Chris had a congenital spinal cord disorder.

The young people got married, and Sheri got pregnant. But, unfortunately, the first time she had the loss of the fetus.

The doctors forbade the young woman to give birth, otherwise her life would be in danger.

But Cheri decided not to give up. She dreamed of a child and became pregnant again.

The fragile woman was able to overcome the difficulties of pregnancy and gave birth to a cute boy.

The little one was born healthy, without any trouble.

He was sure Sheri couldn’t do all the daily chores, but there was her devoted husband Chris and also a nanny.

Currently, this beautiful family is living a happy life and the little one is growing up physically and mentally healthy.

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