Paralyzed bride surprised everyone on her wedding day by walking down the aisle

Jackie Guncher was a 25-year-old girl who was about to marry her beloved.

But it had to be said that everyone knew that Jackie had been paralyzed and could not walk for 7 years.

The girl was in the wheelchair, because at 17 the young athlete damaged her spine.

We know that every girl had a dream, that of walking down the aisle to join her darling.

Despite her handicap, Jackie also cherished this sacred dream and although the doctors do not make any predictions for her health, the young bride did not stop hoping and decided to get up from her chair at all costs.

Long before her wedding ceremony, she began to train diligently to get back on her feet and luckily she succeeded.

Lo and behold, on the wedding day, the bride got up from her wheelchair and began to approach her future husband in front of the astonished gaze of the guests.

As she walked down the aisle, everyone was moved. Even her fiancé, Andy who knew everything was going to happen, couldn’t swallow his drops.

The guests also couldn’t hide their affection when the loving bride and groom started dancing.

Jackie decided not to give up and after her marriage achieve her goal, becoming as mobile as before.

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