Older cat loves the Christmas tree and his family gives him a tree for the whole year

It’s the story of an old cat who loves Christmas so much that his adoptive parents decided to give him a perpetual Christmas.

The family adopted kitten Luna when she was born 17 years ago.

Luna always loved Christmas and every year when her owners adorned the Christmas tree, the kitty would look intently at the decorations and happily walk around the tree.

Sean Mayer, Luna’s adoptive mother, told social media that the cat loves the decorations and especially the Christmas lights and never tries to attack the tree.

And every year, when the holidays were over and the lights went out, the cat would get sad and maybe think why we were stripping the tree and all the holiday decorations.

And, because Luna was already an elderly cat, her owners thought she had little Christmas left, so they decided to give her a Christmas for the whole year.

And one day, when the cat was sleeping, his adoptive parents turned the chosen tree into a Christmas tree.

They adorned a special tree for Luna so she could admire it all year round.

They adorned its branches and leaves and also put Christmas lights.

It became a magical place and when the cat woke up he was enchanted.

“Since Luna is deaf, she slept while we decorated the tree and installed the lights. And when she woke up, she was surprised and very happy,” Sean said.

Now the cat who loves the Christmas tree so much, has his own tree and prefers to spend his whole day under the tree and even eat there.

And Sean imagines their cat’s tree turning into a land of miracles and takes Luna there, thrilled with wonders.

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