Here is Longoria who tops the list of the most desirable female stars

Have you ever seen Longoria, the star of ‚Desperate Housewives‘ without makeup?

Here is a successful and remarkable American actress, who brilliantly played the role of Gabriella Solis in the famous series “Desperate Housewives”, was recently spotted by paparazzi.

As the famous actress was in a rush to meet her friends and got out of the car next to the hotel in Beverly Hills, the paparazzi were lucky enough to capture the legendary star. Many assumed that she was carrying a bag of Christmas presents and preparing for a reunion with her loved ones.

It turned out that the popular movie star prefers quite ordinary clothes in everyday life such as black pants, cardigans and classic sneakers.

It should also be mentioned that Longoria got caught without an ounce of makeup and pleasantly surprised her fans with her incredible and indescribable beauty.

It is pertinent to mention that the well-known star has been on the list of most desirable and attractive female celebrities according to Maxim magazine who always looks fantastic even without cosmetics and any preparation.

What can you say about the natural appearance of the popular actress?


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