Senior Cat Loves Christmas So Much, Family Gives Her a Year-Round Tree

Luna is 17 years old and since she was a kitten, her favorite time of the year is Christmas. „She is still walking around the tree and is very interested in the decorations.“ Luna’s mother, Sean Mayer, told reporters, „She never attacks the tree.“ She said.

Every year Luna loves to explore and enjoy the Christmas decor, especially the Christmas lights. She has always been fascinated by lights and every year she misses her parents when they turn them off again.

When we put them away, she looked at us like she wanted to know why we were doing it,” Meyer says.

As Luna was entering her golden years and didn’t know how many more Christmases she would have, her parents decided to do something special to make her feel like Christmas all year round. Luna had a special cat tree with branches and leaves, and her parents realized it was the perfect place to put permanent Christmas lights.

The permanent installation of lights was an idea. We received rainbow light curtains as a gift, but we had no curtains. After thinking about it for a while, I realized there was a perfect place to install it and it would be appreciated.

While Luna slept elsewhere, her parents turned the cat tree into a magical place and when Luna woke up she was absolutely thrilled.

She’s deaf, so she slept through the whole installation of the new lights,” Meyer says. It was a real surprise for her. And she seemed quite happy!” Luna loves Christmas all year round and the cat tree is definitely her favorite room in the house.

She lives in the tree now. She even likes to eat from the tree.” Looking at Luna’s tree, Meyer couldn’t help but conjure up a magical story in her head about an old cat who loves Christmas and whose magical elves transform the cat tree into a sparkling wonderland.
Luna is now at an age where she knows exactly what she likes and she is thrilled to be able to discover her favorite things in the world whenever she wants.

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