We advised her parents to keep her in the maternity ward… She grew up and became famous

This gorgeous little lady’s name is Kennedy Garcia and she lives in Connecticut. Soon after she was born, her mother was strongly advised to keep her in the maternity ward as the baby had Down syndrome, leukemia and spinal deformities and her head would not fall off.

But for the girl’s mother, Rene Garcia, a nurse from the ward came and gave her emotional support, saying these children could get treatment and live normal lives. They just had to persevere and do their best.

The first major difficulty in Kennedy’s life was a spinal disease: at the age of two, she was forced to wear a collar and a metal helmet to hold her bones in place.

The girl was completely immobilized. She spent the whole morning lying down watching dance videos. And as soon as she was able to walk again, she hastened to enroll in dance lessons.

While dancing, Kennedy learned that it’s not the looks that count, but the quality of the execution. She worked hard and started dancing. Subsequently, her career developed with the American companies American Girl.

According to the mother of her daughter, the latter’s life has nothing to do with the terrible picture that the doctor painted for her in the past.

She’s a normal teenager who loves taking selfies, experimenting with her hair color, making TikTok videos and chatting with her boy friends. She is very positive and laughs a lot.

Kennedy has a best friend named Matthew. The boy is four years older than her and also has Down syndrome, but he enjoys modeling and acting.

Matthew keeps courting Kennedy and Kennedy agrees to be his girlfriend. However, they rarely saw each other as they lived in different parts of the country. Their parents are now friends. Nothing could be better for their daughter, her mother said.

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