Emily Ratakowski was filmed by the paparazzi during a date with a fashion artist

The 31-year-old supermodel has had a rocky personal life since her divorce. Emily Ratakowski dated Jack Greer, 35. The global glossy star recently admitted that she would like to date more than one man.
And his desire is put into action by Emily. After fleeting flings with comedian Pete Davidson and DJ Orazio Rispo, the white-haired beauty is caught up in a new romance. Ratakowski spent the night with Jack Greer. The New York artist offered her a date. It was past midnight when he got home.

Emily opted for a comfortable and casual look. She wore a £299 puffy red puffer jacket from The North Face. It was accompanied by high-waisted, fitted blue jeans, white sneakers and a voluminous black scarf.

She wore light makeup to accentuate her natural beauty and had her hair down. Jack also looks smart and casual in a black bomber jacket and cargo pants. Greer accompanied Ratakowski to the door of their home in New York. Lovers talked animatedly, laughed and hugged each other.

Emily was very happy with her date. As a parting gift, they shared a long, passionate kiss on the lips. Surrounded by Pretty Woman the whole time, the Pretty Woman star said she really enjoyed her single life. On the day of their date, the supermodel took to her social media to declare, „I’ll be with men and women again…“ She made a startling confession. Hmmm, they are all hot and interesting in their own way.” In September, she filed for divorce from producer Sebastian Via-McClaird after four years of marriage.

The reason for this was the numerous affairs of the man, whom Emily’s assistants even called a “serial cheater”. The couple have one child, son Sylvester Apollo, who will be two in March. Rutkowski then reportedly had an affair with Brad Pitt, and in November, an affair with model Pete Davidson – they had dinner together several times and went to basketball games.

Later, Emily was seen dating DJ Orazio Rispo. It’s not the first time the musician has appeared with the sexy brunette – in October they were caught together by the paparazzi. The young people kissed outside their car.

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