but one of them always puts her grain of salt in it

I’m always surprised when mothers and daughters dress the same. And when you have two daughters, it’s infinitely more adorable.

Once you see Dominique’s Instagram, you won’t be able to leave without leaving.

She is a popular blogger from UK, has two lovely daughters and takes lots of beautiful and positive photos of them together.

“In 2015, I quit my corporate job to spend more time with my family. It was an incredible decision.

I don’t regret it for a second,” says Dominique.

Its pages are full of inspiration. The highlight of her blog is a photo of her and her young daughters in matching outfits.

“I accidentally created the #allthatistthree account. One morning Penny (my youngest daughter) and I were wearing the same clothes and Amelia came out of her room wearing the same clothes.

At first we laughed a lot, but then she wanted to take a picture of us to show her friends,” Dominique said.

As she said, blogging has brought variety to her life.

After all, a mother on maternity leave has to do laundry, cleaning, cooking and school work.

“It is very important for a mother to watch her daughters grow up slowly.

They surprise me every day and I’m very proud of them,” added Dominique.

Now you can see who the man with the big stick is here…

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