the way Kunakey, the young woman from Kassel was in a swimsuit delighted everyone

The indescribable beauty of Bellucci’s ex-husband’s wife left fans speechless

It is noteworthy that the wedding ceremony of the ex-husband of the Italian diva, eminent and successful French actor V. Cassel and the well-known and desirable model took place in 2018. It is relevant to mention that a A number of the iconic actor’s fans were actually more than sure their relationship wouldn’t last long, while, to everyone’s surprise, the huge age gap between them didn’t stop them from getting married. Moreover, the beautiful brides have already had an adorable baby.

This is how Internet users reacted to recent paparazzi photos of the charming Tina. “What a beautiful and adorable woman she is!”, “Did she give birth?”, “The actor is lucky to have her in his life”, “My eyes have not seen a woman more beautiful“.

„I wonder what she found in him?“, „I literally can’t forget that.“ Do you agree with the comments? Share your opinion!


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