Doctors told emotional parents to keep only the two little ones of the triplets

The Dunstan family is one of the happiest families in the world.

Spouses Rohan and Chloe had three sons, but they thought that for a complete family, they missed a daughter.

When Chloe became pregnant, the ultrasound revealed that the woman would not have just one child, but triplets, a girl and two boys.

This news surprised the couple a lot, but they were happy.

As Rohan and his eldest son had mastered carpentry, they set about expanding their house and making it more comfortable for eight people.

But with a new ultrasound, doctors discovered that one of the fetuses, the girl’s, was not developing normally.

And therefore, he hindered the growth of others.

So he had to not continue his life in his mother’s womb, so as not to endanger the lives of his brothers.

“Dear parents, this third triplet is an obstacle for his brothers.

If we eliminate this fetus, the other two will survive,” the specialists said.

But the couple had no intention of following doctors‘ advice.

The triplets were born, one of which, the baby girl, was smaller and weaker. But fortunately the child was in good health like his brothers.

After a short time, all three babies were sent home.

The Dunstans say that sometimes in difficult situations the decision has to be made, not with the head, but with the heart.

Sometimes it is blind hope that can triumph.

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