The baby says “I love you” and his parents are in seventh heaven

For any parent, it is always very pleasant to hear their baby’s first words.

Mom who adores her baby makes an exciting clip of her eight-week-old baby saying “I love you.” After about six months, most babies can make sounds for mom and dad’s names, or anything they want, like a milk bottle or a toy.

Hearing these words can be difficult, as the baby can make a unity of sounds, noises and even cries which can be a sign of a wide variety of needs.

A recent YouTube clip amazed many viewers with how an eight-week-old baby can repeat the words “I love you” after his mother.

They talked about last Christmas. Her mother asked her if she was awesome and if she could get anything she wanted. Although the child cannot socialize yet, it is obvious that she can understand her mother and what she is saying.

Mom said:

“I’m glad you had fun. I’m glad you had a good time.”

The child did not answer, but smiled very kindly.

“Mom loves you. I love you”, continues his mother.

The child said, “I love you.”

Well, not exactly if she said that, but if you ask her mom and most people who watched the video, they’ll say “yes.” The baby said those words and they melted his parents’ hearts.

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