A homeless man’s life changed dramatically after he found a $4,000 engagement ring he had found

A homeless man’s life changed after he brought back a 4,000 euro wedding ring he had found. Billy Ray, a homeless man who lived in Kansas City and begged passersby for his money, dramatically increased his productivity through an act of kindness.

Mrs Sarah Darling, then a passenger, put her allowance in a glass held by a 55-year-old man, but she slipped and dropped the glass, and lost her signet ring in addition to the money. After two days, Harris decided to return the ring to the woman. However, he intended to sell it for additional income. The Ring he got was worth 4000 USD.

This man said of his act of kindness, „I’m not going to call myself a saint, but I’m not the devil either.“

As a token of appreciation to Harris, Darin and her husband, Bill Creech, set up a fundraiser to help Harris recover financially. Our goal was to raise $1,000, but we held the party because so many people were touched by the story and wanted to help Billy Ray,” says Darin.

The fundraising campaign received overwhelming support and raised over $190,000 in less than three months. As soon as he received the money, Harris immediately consulted an attorney and decided to put the money in trust.

Since then, the hero has been able to buy a car and put down a deposit on a house.

“Furthermore, his family unit could not find him for 16 years, believing him to be dead, but managed to find him after a TV appearance.

This includes Harris‘ affair with his nephew, who he never knew existed. He says: “When I think about the past, I feel so grateful. I mean, I finally feel like I’m all alone.”

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