The charming girl called the living doll surprises everyone with her perfect beauty

This little girl is only three years old and is already known on the Internet. All thanks to its extraordinary beauty.

Social network users consider her the most beautiful child in the world.

And really, looking at the photos of little Nylah, you think they’re right.

People remember several cases of „the most beautiful children in the world“.

Recently, Nylah also won this title.

Her mother, Stephanie Castillo, is proud of her daughter’s beauty. That is why she gladly publishes her photos on the networks.

Although the girl has two more siblings, it is she who attracts the attention of users.

When she came into the world, her mother understood that her daughter would be someone special.

The girl was especially distinguished by her incredibly thick and black hair.

The gossips said that the baby’s hair is not natural and that he had been stuck with false eyelashes.

But Nylah is nothing artificial and has a truly amazing hairdo and eyelashes.

Not only did her hair darken even more, it also started curling.

Thanks to this, Nylah stands out from other children, and it is impossible to be indifferent to her beauty.

The girl’s mother posted a video that had 14 million views.

In the comments, people wrote that this is the most beautiful child they have ever seen.

Stephanie explains to fans that the girl inherited her beauty from her ancestors.

Her children have a mixture of Spanish, Creole and African-American blood.

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