the beauty secrets of the ‚Charlie’s Angels‘ star

American actress, producer, director and model, Lucy Liu rose to fame for her role as Ling Waugh on the television series Ally McBeal, for which she was nominated for an Emmy Award.

The actress turned 53 in December, but she looks much younger than her real age. It is a pleasure to share Lucy’s life and beauty secrets.

According to her, to feel energized and full, you have to eat good quality food – the actress was vegan for almost a year before becoming a vegetarian in December 2020. She explained that she is vegan. I often cook meals for my son with cheese and eggs, so I started eating the same things for him. My acupuncturist also encouraged me to include these foods in my diet.”

In general, the actress never forgets her Asian roots (her parents were immigrants from Taiwan, and she herself spoke only Chinese until the age of five). That is why the Hollywood celebrity adheres to the basic tenets of Eastern philosophy and medicine.

Liu believes in the power of acupuncture and visits his doctor regularly to check his muscle activity. It is an alternative medical treatment that tests for bodily function problems. Daily Transcendental Meditation helps him maintain his strong will and great intellectual ability.

Recently, the artist limited his participation in creative projects and spent more time with his son in his apartment in New York. They eat meals together, read books, paint and even take music lessons.

Lucy says. It’s nice to feel like this is my house, this is my home. It’s nice to feel like it’s my home. I do what I love and what I feel. I don’t have to follow social conventions that require me to get married. Not because I’m against marriage, but because I don’t tie my destiny to someone else to be recognized by others.

Liu’s recent appearance on the cover of a glossy magazine proves that beauty isn’t just for 20-somethings. She thinks the secret to her beauty lies in unwavering confidence.

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