what does the girl who ate only fruit look like?

Meet the absolutely unique girl who ate nothing but fruit for seven years

Meet the girl who has had nothing but fruit and, believe it or not, hasn’t brushed her teeth in over seven years.

Her journey became when she wanted to lose a few pounds and improve her appearance.

While soon, Tina became unstoppable and started having health problems and no doctor or dietitian could help her overcome her serious problem.

As a result, she developed bulimia which had a direct and significant impact on her health.

And after reading an article about health issues that focused primarily on raw, organic food, Tina was not the same. She realized the significant importance of fruits and vegetables and started a whole new stage of life.

Already 40 years old, the woman decided to move to Bali from Poland where she could lead a healthy life and achieve her goals.

Tina was lucky enough to meet the love of her life who led a life like Tina’s who later married the woman and soon had children.

The spouses even stopped brushing their teeth, leaving everyone speechless.

Are you leading a healthy lifestyle?


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