There’s been a long talk about how Bowie and Iman’s heiress

People can’t take their eyes off the heiress of artist Bowie and model Iman

To say that the incredible love story of artist D. Bowie and his successful model Iman is an excellent example of the purest and exemplary bond between a man and a woman is nothing to say. Although the legend of the music world is already gone leaving everyone speechless, he still warms the hearts of millions of his fans.

The couple were considered one of the most iconic and admirable at the time who married in 1992 with a cherished dream of having a baby.

However, their dream came true in 8 years when their lovely heiress Lexi came into the world. Legendary spouses often refused to show their heiress to the public.

The couple went out of their way to provide Lexi with a carefree childhood and perhaps that’s why she didn’t follow in her parents‘ professional footsteps.

The 22-year-old is currently studying art theory at university and is not going to major in modeling or business.

Many believe that Lexi inherited her father’s charisma and the model’s indescribable beauty. You can barely take your eyes off the pretty girl.

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