A man bought an old pub in the basement of which he found something valuable

With the accumulated money, a man called Doran Binder decided to buy a house, since he had divorced his wife.

In 2016, he bought the old pub named Crag Inn in Wildboarclough, a village in England, to turn it into accommodation.

He chose this building because it was not far from his children’s school. So he could see them as often as possible.

According to the young man, he became the owner of this building for pennies, but got real wealth.

After buying the pub, employees of the Blair Water company informed Doran that he was lucky, because under the building there was a source of very pure drinking water.

The man was very surprised and this news brought him great joy.

“I didn’t know that by buying this pub, I was going to find this wealth.

Blair Water workers informed me that now I have the clearest spring in the area,” Doran said.

The man sent a sample of the water to the laboratory to examine its quality.

It turned out that the liquid was really high quality.

“And why not start a business? thought Binder.

And he bought everything needed for bottling. He named his brand Crag Spring Water.

Despite its high price, people prefer this product, not only that it is good, but also the water is provided in glass bottles.

This kind of bottle is more useful for health and for the environment.

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