The smallest twins on the planet have survived: it’s an exceptional and fantastic chance

In the UK adorable twins were born, Joe and Ashley. They were born into a family where there were already four children.

And they weren’t ordinary babies, but undersized newborns, like real Tom Thumbs.

They were born at 23 weeks of pregnancy. The girl weighed 403 grams and her brother almost 430 grams.

According to the doctors, the children’s chance of surviving was only 1 percent.

The little ones were a little bigger than their mom’s palm.

Specialists considered them the smallest twins in the whole world.

Their mother Talia recalls how doctors told them that babies of such body weight are generally unlucky.

After their birth, the twins spent more than four months in the hospital, in the intensive care unit.

And it turned out that the babies had a great desire to live and managed to overcome all the difficulties. But all this happened thanks to the competent staff of the hospital.

Tlia said that at first she was afraid to take newborns in her arms, they were so tiny.

And then there was a big risk that the little ones could catch an infection.

But, fortunately, everything went well, and little by little the crumbs grew. And now they are surrounded by family care and love.

Parents call them little wonders and adore their lucky babies.

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