how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife lives and looks today

Maria Shriver has a good chance of becoming popular even without a Terminator. Overall, the question of who is more on the road to stardom and who isn’t is still up for debate. The photo of this bright-eyed, positive woman shows that she comes from a respectable family. Its size and appearance are inherited from its ancestors.

She was born in 1955 and is a descendant of the Kennedy family (35th niece of the President of the United States). His mother and father started thinking about his upbringing and training from an early age. They thought she should pursue a career in politics, as a person from a famous dynasty would.

However, Schlafly had decided on her own that she wanted to study journalism. It was an area in which she excelled. Soon after, she met Arnold. The relationship of the young couple lasted nine years, but did not end in marriage. The reasons for this decision are not clear, whether Maria herself was afraid of contact with young actors or whether there was pressure from her family. However, the two boys eventually got married in 1986.

By this time, Schwarzenegger had become famous, he was offered promising roles, and his financial situation was much better. Maria herself made a career as a journalist at the National Broadcasting Company. Her family consists of two daughters and two sons.

Schleifer is a charming woman. Also, in 2003, the actor received the title of “First Lady” for his two terms as governor of California. It was Maria who influenced her husband’s political career. Indeed, she is trained in public speaking and shows tenacity.

In 2011, she stepped down as first lady of California. She then told Arnold that she no longer wanted to live with him. Why did she make this decision after 25 years together? It was easy. It is well known that Schwarzenegger had an affair with his governess, who later gave birth to a male child.

Maria is, of course, shocked and refuses to forgive this betrayal. Ernie begged her to forgive him and even tried to publicly repent of his actions.

It is not yet known if the divorce has been formalized or if the legal proceedings continue. However, the ex-couple lived apart for a long time and only kept in touch during organized holidays for their children.

Schlafly always behaves in an exemplary manner in public and communicates well with Arnold. In contrast, after the separation, he began to seek solace from other women.

Although it is difficult to get in touch with Maria’s private life, rumors of an affair with Matthew Dowd have been circulating on the Internet for some time.

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