You certainly don’t recognize this former gladiator: how does he look now?

There are plenty of actors who age well, but Russell Crowe isn’t one of them. Once a symbol of masculinity, the legendary gladiator is now just a shadow of himself.

The Australian actor conquered Hollywood and became a world star. He starred in major American films such as Gladiator, Lord of the Seas: At the Edge of the Universe, Noah and The Mummy, for which he won an Oscar.

In the 1990s, Crowe started not doing big projects he wasn’t involved in. He conquered the film industry not only with his exceptional talent, but also with his stunning looks.

His masculine face, lively eyes and brutal beard drove millions of women crazy.

Today, however, he is no longer so handsome: at 58, Crowe has lost weight, ditched the white beard and transformed into a friendly Santa Claus. Although Russell enjoyed great success in Hollywood, he remained faithful to his beloved Australia.

The actor spends a lot of time on his farm, where he has been raising cattle for a long time.

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