this man bought an old pub and suddenly saw a source of wealth in the basement

Without suspecting it, he acquired a real source of wealth for a penny.

Doran Binder, after breaking up with his wife, decided to start a new life and bought the old Crag Inn pub with the accumulated money.

The young man did not count on any income, because the real estate was purchased as his main dwelling.

“I bought the pub because my children’s school was nearby. So I could see them more often after the divorce. I wasn’t even thinking about earnings at the time.”

But without knowing it, Doran acquired a real source of wealth for a penny, because there was a clean source under the pub. When Blair Water employees informed the owner of such a discovery, the man was shocked.

After such news, the man wasted no time and sent water for research to a local laboratory.

Convinced of the high quality of the water, Doran Binder decided to start his own business and named it Crag Spring Water.

Currently, the staff consists of twelve people. The product is in great demand in the region and even the high cost of the liquid does not bother the locals. The main feature of the company was the container.

Doran has decided to go completely plastic-free and provides its spring water in a branded glass bottle, caring for the environment.


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