What Gwen Stefani’s Son Looks Like Today, Dressed In Her Maiden Clothes

The eldest son of the famous singer rose to national prominence from an early age. He walked around with a shiny and elegant hairstyle.

In addition, the boy constantly changed his image and experimented with his appearance. We saw him having painted nails and he liked to go out in a dress.

His mother allowed such experiments to take place. She believed that children should decide for themselves which gender they belonged to. These beliefs may be due to the fact that the singer and her child surround themselves with celebrities, where scandal is a part of life.

At the time, when this child took his first steps and learned to speak, his mother was one of the most popular singers in the country. The media gave him a lot of attention.

It was clear the boy wanted the same kind of attention. He had it at the age of five and became the most fashionable child.

Over time, the boy grew up. At the age of 15, he looked like a normal teenager, just like his peers.

No more flashy looks, dresses, colored hair and nail polish. Naturally, for the paparazzi the boy was not so interesting.

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