Caring dad pays off £1,800 school canteen debt for other kids

The three children of a caring dad, Simon Harris, who has four little ones, attend one of the schools in Penygroes, a town in Wales.

The principal of the school informed the parents of the students that the school canteen will stop feeding the students whose parents have not paid the debt of the school canteen, because because of such behavior of the parents, the school goes into deficit.

In his letter, the principal wrote that he ordered the cooks not to serve students whose debt for food is not yet repaid, even if their parents owe the school a penny.

This decision by the school administration shocked Harris. He regarded this as something shameful. The man could not accept such a resolution, calling it madness.

Instead of these students, who will not be allowed to enter the canteen, Simon has imagined his own children and his good heart is tense at this scene.

So the philanthropist dad decided to pay off all the canteen’s debt instead of the other parents.

And he paid the whole sum which was £1,800.

“Perhaps there are parents who don’t have the possibility to pay.

I paid off the school canteen debt, because it’s madness not to feed the children, ”said the loving dad on Twitter.

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