this is what a girl born without a nose looks like

Even with the ultrasound, the parents were aware of the flat face profile.

Tessa Evans is an ordinary girl, except for one very rare characteristic: she was born without a nose.

This feature is called aplasia – the congenital absence of an organ or part of the body. The anomaly is so rare that only 47 cases have been reported in the UK.

The child is now 8 years old.

The pregnancy did not end. But they didn’t immediately get used to the idea that their child wouldn’t have a nose.

Tessa can cough or catch a cold, despite having no sinuses. Although this is a small part of the difficulties that parents and the girl herself have to face.

He was diagnosed with heart problems. At the age of 11 weeks, she also underwent cataract surgery which did not give very good results. Subsequently, the girl could not see out of one eye.

In addition, a tracheotomy had to be performed so that the child could breathe normally while eating.

The child is going to have a nose operation. It is assumed that the nose will grow with the growth of the baby itself.

Despite all the list of difficulties that the girl has already had to face, she remains cheerful and smiling.


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