It’s Amazing But This Woman’s Child’s Surrogate Mom Is Her Genetic Copy

This 36-year-old woman, called Amy, is originally from Chicago.

She has been married for ten years, but the desire of the spouses did not come true, because Amy could not get pregnant due to a genetic syndrome and certain health problems.

The woman decided to resort to in vitro fertilization.

When Amy was 11, the doctor gave her an evaluation for glaucoma.

According to doctors, the probability of inheriting this infirmity, reaches 50 percent.

Fortunately, medicine has the ability to examine embryos for genetic conditions before implanting them.

Four years in a row, the couple tried several IVFs, and finally, to the delight of the spouses, the specialists managed to find the perfect embryo.

This time, the woman was afraid of being transplanted because of glaucoma.

But beware! Amy has a sister who is not an ordinary sister, she is her identical twin.

Courtney, too, had the same chromosomal disorder and had undergone IVF in the same way.

But she could become a perfect surrogate mother.

It wasn’t that easy becoming a surrogate mom, but Courtney was ready to help her lovely sister without hesitation.

Shortly after, the embryo transfer was successfully performed.

And now the women are preparing for a warm welcome.

When the child grows up, the two happy mothers will tell him his birth story.

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