actress Lawrence shared her unsuccessful career experience

Jennifer Lawrence spoke the truth about filming ‚The Hunger Games‘:

Recently, the well-known and charming actress shared her honest thoughts on her unsuccessful experience in her meteoric career in the film industry. The 32-year-old actress admitted they tried to force her to lose weight in order to play the legendary role more realistically.

As is known, Lawrence brilliantly played the main role in the great film based on the books of S. Collins. Needless to say, her role places great importance on the life and career of the Oscar-nominated actress.

As the actress confessed, she was only 20 when she was offered the role of Katniss Everdeen and the tense atmosphere and pressure on set affected her negatively. According to Lawrence, the one thing that deeply impressed her was that she was forced to lose weight and the fact that their question right before the shoot was how many pounds she weighed literally left her voiceless.

According to the plot of the big movie, Jennifer had to portray the life of a young girl whose main goal was to survive in the cruel and terrible conditions of the games. The producers felt strongly that Lawrence needed to lose weight because, according to the plot, the character she would play was extremely poor and had next to nothing to eat.

Although they forced her to lose weight, the actress categorically refused to comply with all their demands, saying that being a young girl, dieting overwhelmingly for a role would undoubtedly become fatal for her.

As you can clearly see above, the movie star is strongly against crushing diets who weren’t eager to starve themselves for a movie role. She agreed to do regular sports training, but not to go on a diet at all costs.

Were you aware of this situation? Did you watch the movie?

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