A young foreign man saved the children who were sleeping in a burning house

The 4 children of a woman, named Tender Lehman, were saved from a fire by a stranger, named Brendon Birt.

This incident took place in Iowa, USA.

A foreign driver, making a wrong turn, found himself by chance in front of a house on fire.

The young man should regret having taken the wrong path, but that was not the case.

Since it was still early morning, Brendon understood that the inhabitants of the house were sleeping.

So, we had to come to the aid of the people who were inside, before the fire broke out entirely.

The young man quickly got out of his car and started screaming to wake everyone up.

Two girls and a boy came out of the burning house.

Later, the 17-year-old girl said: „I heard screaming but didn’t realize it was a fire alarm.

Then, when I saw a red flame behind the window, I understood everything.

I grabbed my 8 year old brother and 14 year old sister and we quickly ran for the exit.

However, there was another person in the house. The fourth was their older brother who came out later, because he had headphones in his ears.

He escaped the flames before they spread.

During all these events, the father of the family was at work and the mother of the teenagers had gone to another city for an urgent matter.

The woman was infinitely grateful to Brendon.

“Thanks to this young man, my children managed to escape from the fire in time,” said the grateful mother.

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