The elderly man who learned to write proudly presents the names of his adorable grandchildren

Surveys of the adult population of the United States have revealed that the illiteracy rate in the country is as high as 8 percent.

This figure may increase if we take into account older men and migrants.

According to Felipe Lira’s niece, her uncle is the oldest man in California.

During his childhood, he could not go to school, because the family lived in poverty and the boy had to work to support his family.

His grand-niece Kennya Ramos decided to teach her grandpa to read and write after so many years, since the grandfather had always wanted to learn letters.

To support his uncle, Kennya created a Twitter account for him and began regularly sharing photos of the old man struggling with illiteracy.

“My uncle cried for joy in order to be supported and to be able to write after so many years,” the niece said.

To the astonishment of the family members, the grandfather was an able student.

After some success, Don Felipe tried to write down the names of all his grandchildren.

He was very happy to be able to write the first names of his offspring.

Several users write comments supporting the grandpa for his first progress.

“I thank you all for your support, which helps the grandfather to achieve his goal,” wrote Kennya.

Don Felipe’s efforts to become literate show that it is never late to learn.

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