Mini at 45+? Easy ! Diane Kruger, 46, shows off her stunning legs in a short black dress.

Diane Kruger’s public appearances are much less frequent these days, but whenever the 46-year-old actress makes an appearance, the media takes a close interest in her. Recently, for example, she appeared on the red carpet in Morocco in a nude silver dress, a very appropriate outfit for New Year’s Eve.

Today she went to the Marrakech Film Festival and tried on an unusual dress from Studio Ash. Diana showed off her Trojan star legs in a strappy velvet top and sparkly mini dress. Black pumps, a rhinestone belt and a sparkling mono ring completed this elegant look.

It should be noted, however, that Ms. Kruger’s figure is not just genetic. Thanks to her ballet studies, the actress regularly does bodybuilding. Muscle tone is an aspect that needs more attention, as it makes the body look younger. In an interview, she revealed that she trains every day with small dumbbells and does a lot of running and cycling.

The star also likes to eat healthy. Diana has repeatedly admitted that fast foods and fatty foods make her sick, and she tries to choose a balanced diet.

Of course, she can afford wine and cheese, but in limited quantities. Avocado toast and poached eggs for breakfast, fish for lunch, and red meat and steamed vegetables for dinner are Mr. Kruger’s usual choices.

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