What ruined the life of beautiful actress Kirstie Alley, star of ‚It Takes Two‘?

On December 5, Kirstie’s children posted sad news on social media. The content was that their wonderful mother had died of cancer, which had just been discovered by doctors. She fought with all her might, surrounded by her loved ones until her last moments.

Alley enjoyed life and all the adventures she had. But the disease turned out to be more intense. The family is convinced that Kirstie was an even better mother and grandmother than on screen.

The date of the farewell of the actress is still unknown. Family and friends also haven’t said exactly what type of cancer she had. However, we can still appreciate the films she participated in by paying tribute to her memory.

During her film career, Kirstie has played around 80 different roles. However, she could have done so much more. The main reason she wasn’t always on screen was her addiction. The heroine could not deprive herself of the pleasure of a good and hearty meal.

After a while, however, the actress decided to stop feeling sorry for herself.

Shortly after, the producers decided to bring in Kirstie Alley for the filming of “Dancing with the Stars”. Regular training allowed the actress to lose a lot of weight. The heroine said goodbye to 90kg.

Unfortunately, Kirstie was unable to maintain it. Over time, the weight grew heavier and the role smaller and smaller. At first, she pretended to accept herself as she was.

But what the woman really wanted was to become thin again. Sometimes the actress managed to lose a few pounds, sometimes she presented her method for losing weight. However, there were no other massive results.

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