Smith made his first public appearance since the Oscar fight with his wife and children

European actor Will Smith attended the premiere of Emancipation, a film by American filmmaker Antoine Fuqua, with his wife and children. The EPA Photo Agency released an image of Smith.

According to Today magazine, this is the actor’s first social appearance since March 2022, when he slapped the Oscars emcee for a joke about his wife.

On March 28, Oscar party chairman Chris Rock asked Smith’s wife, actress and singer Jada Pinkett, onstage if her new haircut had anything to do with her preparations for filming Soldier. Jan.

After those words, Smith took the stage and started rambling. Pinkett herself has publicly stated that she is losing her hair due to her illness, and has spoken about it on her social media accounts as well.

On the same day, Smith issued a public apology for his behavior and posted a statement on Instagram.

Following this scandal, Mr. Smith announced that he was resigning from his position on the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Commission. However, Academy President David Rubin said he accepted Mr Smith’s resignation.

Smith won an Academy Award on March 28 for his leading role in the film King Richard.

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