Blind Dog Is So Happy To See His Dad’s Face After Surgery

For several months, this dog named Bob has been living in a dark world. Both of Bob’s eyes initially had mild cataracts, which deteriorated until he couldn’t see anything.

Bob’s vet, Mércia Amaro, said: „He became very calm and was afraid of bumping into furniture.“ He can no longer run to greet his owner when he comes home, which he always loved to do.”

For Bob, however, his father’s face is a distant memory. But it can’t stay that way forever. Amaro is a veterinary ophthalmologist specializing in canine eyes. Cataract surgery can restore sight. After coordinating with Bob’s father, an appointment for the operation was made last week.

This is where everything changed. The veil that had covered Bob’s entire world suddenly lifted. Immediately after the operation, Amaro says, there was already a glimmer of hope. It was as if he was saying: “I see you!”. and he kept looking at us. But there was one person Bob missed the most. His father.

And the next day, the couple were reunited. For the first time in months, Bob could see the man he had missed. And so the spirit of his old love story blossoms again. “He completely changed,” Amaro said. There was so much joy. It was very inspiring.”

Bob is now recuperating in his house, which previously had an invisible wall that served as the backdrop for his loss of sight. Now it is a place of comfort and love where he can truly enrich his heart. Cute dog toys in the shape of his favorite treats. We may receive a commission if you make a purchase through our links.

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