Similar twins love the same man: they want to marry him to be together forever

Generally, the children of the same family look alike and understand each other and the twins even more so.

Specialists confirm that when twins are monozygotic, there is telepathic communication between them.

The heroines of our story are the twins Anna and Lucie DeCinque.

They live in Australia. The sisters are considered the most identical twins in the world.

They are alike as two drops of water not only by their appearance, but also by their characters.

It seems that they are the same person and are inseparable. They go everywhere together, even to the toilet and the bathroom.

“We go to the shower, we put on make-up, we eat and we go to bed together.

We eat the same food in the same quantity. We feel the same person,” say the twins.

Lo and behold, they fell in love with the same young man, called Ben.

Currently, Ben is their fiancé. Many people can criticize the twins, condemn their act and consider their behavior as amoral.

But the sisters explain that they can’t live without each other, so by marrying Ben, they can always be together.

And Ben is not against their union. He too wants to marry both of them and has proposed to them.

But in their country, such marriages are forbidden and they do not yet know how to act.

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