Rihanna in a too tight dress almost burned with shame at the sight of the paparazzi

Rihanna is a real trendsetter, although some of her outfits are also understated for her.

After giving birth to her first child in May, the singer’s figure changed dramatically. Rihanna has gained weight and still hasn’t lost half of what she gained.

However, many fans of the star have just noticed that in her new form, Rihanna has become even more attractive. And in fact, the pop star’s cool figure suits her really well.

Apparently, Rihanna herself shares the same opinion, preferring to emphasize her chic body with an elegant image. Admittedly, this is not always successful (see also “Dress provocation”: the fat Rihanna shows herself in an unusual outfit for the birthday of her loved one).

Thus, for a dinner with her boyfriend, rapper ASAP Rocky, the Hollywood star chose a long black dress, but got the wrong size. The outfit was so small that Rihanna’s chest looked like the dress was bursting out to reveal her voluptuous body.

The costume was also made of a semi-transparent fabric, which revealed certain parts of the singer’s body. Apparently, Rihanna realized she had made a big mistake with this outfit and walked from her car to the restaurant, covered in a small brown bag with a print.

Although the dress completely enveloped and partially showed off Rihanna’s body, fans outside the restaurant praised the singer’s beauty and elegance. At that time, despite the embarrassing situation, the Hollywood star tried to hold back and avoid showing his emotions.

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