Spanish actress and model Rossi De Palma is known for her eccentric appearance

Spanish actress and model Rossi de Palma is famous for her unique and eccentric looks.

She was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, and began her acting and modeling career when she was discovered in a club band called Worst of the Worst, by Spanish director Pedro Almodovar.

She has starred in many not only Spanish movies and television series and has mostly performed extravagant roles.

De Palma’s beauty is generally described as unconventional and fashion-forward.

She has a quirky, yet striking appearance, usually with short hair and bold makeup.

De Palma has never tried to look like another model and she is often praised for her originality.

Her unique style has made her popular in the fashion and entertainment industry and she has been featured in many magazines.

Several directors and fashion designers invited De Palma to take part in their projects, but she did not accept all the roles offered.

Although she is respected and famous, there are those who have compared her to a witch and advised going to a beautician.

But the famous lady still shrugs off gossip and continues to be a highly respected and admired figure in Spain and beyond its borders.

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