Jennifer Aniston, 52, posted unfiltered shower selfies

Jennifer Aniston fans love her talent, intelligence, easy-going personality and self-deprecating wit, not her doctored images.

However, she often appears „in disguise“ on social networking sites, wearing light makeup and staring at the screen. However, it must be said that Jennifer’s appearance does not change much, whether at home, on the road or on the red carpet. Aniston’s makeup is never bulky, her skin and hair are always well cared for, and the star’s figure is just perfect.

However, Aniston has yet to be seen sans makeup or with her hair brushed back. That’s why the unexpected new photo of her posing after a towel bath caused such a stir among fans.

In retrospect, Aniston accepted her age with grace. But the actress confessed that she still fears one sign: age. And it’s not wrinkles, not blemishes, not age-related health issues, but…gray hair.”

“I’m afraid of gray hair. To be honest, I don’t want to be gray,” Jennifer says. However, her new selfies suggest she doesn’t yet feel threatened by gray hair, or that her hairstylist is handling the problem well.

Besides, it’s no coincidence that natural photos, without filters or makeup, are all the rage among Hollywood stars. While Russian beauties delight in looking disinterested with the help of Photoshop, foreign stars are calm and unadorned in front of millions of fans. And people love them even more.

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