21-year-old girl in love married 50-year-old man against her family’s wishes

Claire, a 21-year-old girl, after graduating, started working in a gym as an administrator.

Here, Claire met a personal trainer called Scott.

Although the girl has a boyfriend, she fell in love with this man who was 52 years old.

From the age of 19, Claire had relationship problems with her boyfriend and after meeting Scott, she finally left her young man.

Scott also had a lover. But since he sympathized with Claire very much, he also broke up with his girlfriend.

After leaving their halves, Scott and Claire became a couple.

New lovers began to meet more and more often.

But Claire’s parents, all their relatives and friends condemned the couple because of their so different ages.

They said Scott was more like a father to Claire.

So, the man was considered as a seducer and the girl as a gold hunter.

This prevented the couple from feeling fully happy.

But all these accusations could not prevent the lovers from loving each other more and more, and they decided not to pay attention to public opinion.

Their relationship was improving day by day. Lately they got engaged and decided to get married soon.

On her Facebook page, Claire wrote that she would like society to stop condemning romantic relationships because of a big age difference.

She believes that love has no age, boundaries or limits.

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