The young man rents an apartment and finds an annoying detail there: it was a hidden camera

When we travel, we reserve a hotel room or else, we look for an apartment to live in and spend the nights for a certain time.

The hero of our story chose the second variant and rented an apartment.

But upon entering the bedroom of the accommodation, he found something embarrassing.

The man decided to tell about this incident on the Internet. He filmed what he saw in order to show it to his followers to be careful.

This young man, called Mateus Bandeira, was 28 years old. The apartment he had rented was near Campinas, in São Paulo.

Upon entering the bedroom, Mateus found something suspicious.

It was an old video that now we hardly use it. The guy began to observe this strange device to understand its purpose

. To his amazement, he discovered that the digital alarm clock was equipped with a hidden camera.

Mateus immediately contacted the agency that had helped him find this apartment.

He told them everything he had seen. But the employee replied that suppliers have the right to carry out video surveillance in order to guarantee security in the place.

And he added that it was forbidden in the bathroom and in the bedroom.

The young man decided to share this information on his web page so that people can confront similar situations.

Several users have written in their comments that installing a camera in the bedroom is unethical behavior on the part of the owners.

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